The Best Protection for Machine Crashes: Spindle Safety System

Despite current CNC machine tool crash protection strategies which include both proactive avoidance through CAD/CAM programming and reactive damage reduction methods that include electronic sensors and mechanical overload clutches, machine tool crashes are still commonplace. In these machine tool crashes, tool collisions with high feed rates cause high forces on motor spindles. Depending on the intensity of the collision, the damages could lead to an immediate breakdown or reduced lifetime of the machine components such as machine spindle bearings, resulting in premature failure. Machine spindle damage is common and the cost to repair or replace a machine tool spindle as well as loss of productivity through downtime can run into the tens of thousandths of dollars.


The Spindle Safety System can provide protection when the inevitable happens.

When these machine tool crashes do occur (axial and radial), the spindle safety system immediately disconnects the power transmission at the interface between the machine tool headstock and the motor spindle through 3D displacement. Therefore the shock sensitive components of the motor spindle especially the spindle bearings are effectively protected from the peak impact forces of the tool collision.
spindle safety system

• Eliminates expensive motor spindle damage and no machine re-alignment
• Patented mechanical solution acts as a “air bag and bumper” for machine tools
• Works in both axial and radial collisions with high feed rates
• Integrated sensors in the mechanical design allow for quick machine shutdown
• High Stiffness through permanent magnets allows for no degradation of machining quality
• Maintenance Free
• Integrated into existing motor spindle designs or as a stand-alone unit
• Reduce downtime and be up and running in minutes

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GF Mikron MILL 800U




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