Zero-Backlash Planetary Robotic Gearbox - GPL SeriesGPL Planetary Gearbox

GAM’s GPL Series Robotic Planetary Gearboxes provide the lowest backlash and high tilting rigidity for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications.


  • With a backlash of ≤ 0.1 arcmin, the GPL Series can be considered a zero backlash gearbox
  • Best-in-the-market torsional rigidity for ≤ 0.6 arcmin lost motion
  • Patented design guarantees the backlash will not increase over the life time of the gearbox
  • Industry-accepted proven performance
  • Seven sizes with nominal output torque of 445 to 3505 Nm and ratios of 50:1 to 200:1
  • Flanged solid shaft output (GPL-F) or flanged hollow shaft output (GPL-H) (up to 75 mm through hole)
  • Integrated Motor Adapter Plate ready to mount your motor
  • Right angle GPR available
Want to know more about backlash, lost motion and other gearbox accuracy terms? Download GAM Gearbox Accuracy Definitions (pdf)

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download GPL CatalogDownload the Robotic Gearbox Application Datasheet

Gearbox Construction

The GPL Series has three stages:

  1. Helical pinion and gear: high ratios and quiet operation
  2. Planetary spur: fixed ratio
  3. Conical spur: lifetime zero backlash

Features & Benefits

Zero Backlash ≤ 0.1 arcmin Highest precision for your application
Lowest lost motion ≤ 0.6 arcmin
High torsional rigidity
Superior accuracy even with low torque
Patented self-adjusting backlash systemConstant precision throughout the entire lifetime
High torque density 58-73 Nm/kgSmaller gearbox, lighter overall system
Fully-loaded life 20,000 operating hoursLonger lifetime, reduced maintenance costs
Efficiency > 90%Lower power consumption, smaller motor
Quiet < 70 dBReduced workplace noise exposure
High output, acceleration and
emergency stop torque
More security for your application
Superior tilting and torsional stiffnessAllows precise positioning
Low vibrationHigh repeatability
Lowest breakaway torqueBetter control of the overall system
Standard mineral oilReduced lubrication cost
Low operating temperatureLonger component and lubricant life
Low moment of inertiaExcellent dynamic performance
Compact design, low weightLighter overall design
GAM flange input with motor adapter and clampReady to mount your motor

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